With the challenges that the economy is presenting to all of us, most businesses have to look at the way they do business and how they can tighten up the budget. The Hospitality industry is no different. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save money for doing what you are already doing? With VPP and Premier Group Purchasing you can! VPP and Premier offer what you need to save on the purchasing that you do for your property and facilities and most times you will not have to change who you are doing business with, just receive better pricing! Because Premier is a group purchasing organization, the savings are all passed along directly to you. That means big savings and purchasing power. Every day you are not with VPP and Premier is costing you money. Let us help you.

Savings in Hospitality

To obtain comparative pricing, please complete the Confidentiality Agreement and return to the Contact listed on this web site. Then post the attached pdf
with that statement.